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We, at Model A T-Shirts & More, are Model A enthusiasts just like you. It’s a wonderful hobby and there’s nothing like driving a Model A. Thus, our goal is to keep the Model A alive by offering products depicting Model A’s and promoting Model A clubs and chapters of the MAFCA.

Here’s how it works…

We’ll have our designers create a logo for you. If you already have one, great. We just need a high-resolution .png file of the logo. If you don’t have one or want us to create a new one, there is no charge for doing so. However, if you want to have the high-resolution logo after we have created it, the cost is $100. It will be a .png file with a resolution of 300 DPI.

Once we have the logo, a new page on our website will be created for you. We add the logo, a short description about your organization and a group picture of your members around their Model A’s if you have one. Or, some other picture if you don’t have a group picture.

We’ll add your organization’s logo to most of the products that we have available. You can decide what to show but more is better.

We’ll create a referral link specific to your organization. It looks something like this. When a member clicks on this link, a cookie is added to their web browser. When they purchase ANY item from our website, you earn a 15% commission. Even if a member purchases a 1931 Cabriolet Polo T-Shirt, for instance, in addition to a mouse pad from your store, money is earned for your organization. It’s just that simple.

To make it easy for your members, create a folder on your website with an index page. Example: “”. The link is added to the index page. Then, you can add the link to your organizations website, add it to a newsletter, post is on your Facebook page or just email it to your members. This link is also added to your store’s page. When a member comes to our website, clicks on Clubs & Chapters and clicks on your organizations name, it will be shown in your description.

Bottom line benefits to your organization.

  1. We’ll design a high-resolution logo at no charge. 
  2. We’ll create your store at no charge.
  3. There are no hosting fees.
  4. There are no inventory issues. Member purchase what they want.
  5. There is no hassle. We take care of it all.
  6. There is the potential of earning income. You just need to promote the referral link.
  7. The income generated might be enough to offset an increase in future membership dues.
  8. Plus, you might even attract new members because of your store.

If you have questions or if wish to have a store created for your organization, please message us at and we’ll begin the process. By the way, your store will not be added to our website until you have reviewed all of the material and have given us the go. So, what do you have to lose?

Thanks for your time.

Model A T-Shirt & More Support